Thu. Apr 9th, 2020


Dubai, UAE

Debunking Myths about Accounting and Bookkeeping

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Aren’t we all tired of hearing two completely opposite things about a subject which leaves us wondering which one is true? Accounting is one of that subject matter which is always confusing and this is the reason it requires extra attention. There are many good reasons why one would require help of bookkeeping and chartered accountant firms in Dubai, UAE, and it is also very common that you may hear some concerning things about them which we are here to bust. Let’s see which one is true:

  • Myth 1

These services cost a lot.

This is not true at all. The accounting and bookkeeping services charges will depend on the firm and their daily rundown, the bigger the business the expensive the services; that’s the rule. But these services actually help you in saving money by their efficient services and budgeting techniques which they are expert in. So in reality, it’s the opposite of what myth suggests. You can either invest a little in these services or lose a lot due to lack of knowledge, choice is yours.

  • Myth 2

Only huge firms require accountant.

If you are a small business with very little budget then spending some of it on accounting services is a smart investment plan. Accounting will help you manage the finances of your company and contribute in its successful growth. It doesn’t matter what the size of firm or business is, in order to run it successfully you should have proper assistance and management which is only possible when you hire experts in different field and accountants being one of them.

  • Myth 3

There will be security issues.

Confidentiality is one of the main clauses that are signed when an accountant firm is hired for their services. A professional is always well aware of their ethics and privacy policy which clearly states that violation of privacy and misuse of information can cause them heft charges and sum of money. Be completely free from the stress of your information leaking out about your business.

It is true that even a single miscalculated amount can cause a huge trouble to your firm and this is the reason you need a professional to handle this case in order to avoid any further trouble.

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