March 22, 2023

What you need to know about “office cleaning Abu Dhabi”?

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Are you living in Abu Dhabi? If you are nodding your head, then I am happy for you but tell me one thing that how do manage your living?

Do you earn enough to meet your needs? Don’t you feel difficulties in cleaning your house while doing your office work? Have you hired a maid or are looking to hire it?
If you have hired a maid or cleaner, then it is good but if you have not hired then this article is made for you because it has all instructions and basics that you should know about cleaning services and cleaning companies before contacting them to give you a maid.

Abu Dhabi, no doubt, is a small place but it is home to thousands of cleaning companies and services which make a complete cleaning industry in the city. Each company has thousands of maids and a complete staff of cleaners and workers from which they can send four to thousands of workers to any office or area of their client to brush off dust and clean the place.

Each company provides bundles of services. Each service is different from other. Some of the services which you should know are:

  1. Residential cleaning
  2. Corporate cleaning
  3. Sofa cleaning
  4. Window cleaning
  5. Kitchen cleaning
  6. Odour removing

Residential cleaning is to clean houses, homes and apartments. For this, the maids are usually sent to the homes or clients. These maids can seep, mop and dust very well. They charge on the basis of hours. Most of them, it takes two to three hours to clean the house completely. Villa cleaning is also same but some there are a few villa cleaning services in Dubai which focus on providing maids and workers for cleaning villas or giant homes.

Corporate cleaning is to clean offices, hospitals, schools and other places that are related to corporate world. In such place a complete staff is sent who can seep without disturbing employees.

Sofa and window cleaning, as their name suggest, are to clean sofas and windows from all corners and nooks to make them shine again.

Kitchen cleaning; however, is bit different. It needs a lot of effort because kitchen has cabinets and secondly, it is an area which is in use for all day long.

Odour cleaning is must to avail because workers use different sprays and techniques like deep cleaning in Dubai to make the house or place smell pleasant. all about cleaning apartments and houses. Each company has its own charges and rates but none of them charge less than 35 AED! So keep some money aside and then think of hiring maid or workers.