May 18, 2022


Dubai, UAE

5 steps to motivate yourself to study English

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A good training center, Abu Dhabi offers various classes to students so they can learn a new language and skill as per their learning needs and unlock more doors of opportunities in the future.

It’s not quite easy as it seems to learn a new language and to practice it daily without making mistakes. As far as English is concerned, it takes time and patience to become fluent in this particular language.

However, sometimes the students feel demotivated because they face different issues and challenges in the way.

Whether it’s about enrolling in spoken English classes, Abu Dhabi or IELTS, you need to know that it’s essential to have the required motivation so you can don’t feel lost or confused.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 steps to motivate you to study English so you can conquer all the milestones and master the language quickly.

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1. Boost some positivity

Thinking negative about your English skills can only damage your confidence level in a bad way. Remind yourself that it’s absolutely ok to make mistakes and that you are in a learning phase. You only need to boost some positivity on days where you feel like giving up or don’t feel like learning anymore.

2. Never underestimate yourself

You might think that your English skills are far worse than anybody but that’s actually not true. In fact, it can be far better than you really imagine so never underestimate yourself or even compare your English skills with other learners.

3. Set your goals

Beginners indeed feel confused in the start because they rarely set any goals or timelines. Before you enroll yourself to study English, make sure that you already have a clear purpose to learn it and set your goals accordingly.

4. Record progress

It’s essential that you keep a record of progress. For this, you need to summarize down your daily language lessons in either a diary or notebook so you can track your daily learning. This will motivate you to achieve more and be more reluctant toward fulfilling your goals.

5. Break down into levels

You can’t just conquer an entire pool of words and phrases in just a few days. Some people even take years to study English because it’s a comprehensive language. Therefore, it’s essential that you break down the language into tiny pieces or levels so you can accomplish one level at a time.