November 28, 2021


Dubai, UAE

A complete car paint protection guide

2 min read

One of the things which make Dubai special is its severe weather and the harsh climate in the country. Insects, bird sprays, sandstorms and the sun’s sparkling heat will place a big expense on the paintings of your vehicle, making it look older and reducing its total worth. Do you ever think how much does Dubai cost for paint protection?  The purpose of this article is to explain this.

The estimated cost of repainting a vehicle is between 5,500 and 18,000 AED in this issue. In this issue. Therefore, it is better to prefer car paint safety. However, the prices for this car service range from garage to garage.

The cost of the color safety service varies from AED 3750 to AED 14 000 for the sedan and SUVs in Orange Auto, a specialist car service center in Al Quoz. If you have a small sedan, you can go for the complete limit plus AED 3750 regular service or 8000 full-car service. In the meantime, AED 4250 and full-car operation costs AED 9000 for big sedans.

Medium SUV owners seeking a complete hood plus regular service will need to pay AED 4250 and AED 12000 will need to be charged for those who wish for full vehicle services. The prices for a big SUV include AED 5,000 for one full hood plus regular service and AED 14,000 for a full sedan.

Orange Auto uses only top quality 3M film to provide the best quality of paint safety in your vehicle. It creates an invisible coating that provides maximum damage protection to make the car look fresh. This substance is environmentally friendly and includes a robust water-based solution to shield the vehicle from fading, deterioration, weather and spikes in order to improve its life.

Your car is a big expense of yours. Prevent costly repainting service now by picking your car’s correct paint safety service! Get in loop with a reliable car tinting in Dubai brand. They may provide you services for optimum vehicle branding in Dubai at best rates.