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Common Signs of Gluten Intolerance

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In the world that we reside in today the problem related to gluten intolerance is quite common. This sort of problem arises due to adverse reactions that one may have with gluten. A protein which is commonly found in products like wheat, barley or rye is known as gluten.

The most severe form of the disease that one may face due to the intolerance of gluten is known as Celiac disease. This sort of disease affects a very rare amount of population and results in digestive system damage.

Due to these reasons, a number of physicians do recommend gluten free food Dubai to most of their patients. There are a variety of signs which show that a particular person faces gluten intolerance. Some of them are as follow.


A condition when one feels that their stomach is swollen after one has eaten so much is known as a condition called bloat. This makes one feel miserable. Bloating is one of the main signs of “gluten intolerance. This is common with those people who are very sensitive.

Diarrhea and Constipation

If one is facing problems like diarrhea and constipation on a regular basis then this is not good for an individual’s personal health. This is also another cause of major gluten intolerance. Those people who are facing celiac disease experience inflammation on a regular basis. This happens when a person starts taking gluten on a regular basis. Due to all these reasons, a person’s gut lining is severely damaged and one is even unable to digest their food properly.

Abdominal Pain

This sort of pain may be experienced by a variety of people but it is also faced by those people who take gluten in excessive amount. A person even feels discomfort after they have eaten food which was rich in gluten. A number of doctors even prescribe their patients’ gluten free food so they can get relief from severe abdominal pain.


There may be a variety of reasons for a particular headache or even migraine. But a number of researches have shown that a large number of people who do not avoid food which has a high amount of gluten in it are prone to severe problems like migraine and intense headaches.

Even when a person feels lazy throughout the day then he may face such issues due to intolerance of gluten. A high amount of gluten may make him feel fatigued and even stressed out. Get more info here about common causes related to gluten intolerance.