Thu. Dec 12th, 2019


Dubai, UAE

Free Fun Things to do When One Visits Dubai

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Dubai surely is one of the best cities with amazing views and spectacular infrastructure. It has been attracting a wide range of tourists due to the presence of man-made islands, delicious, rich, juicy and scrumptious eateries, fabulous beaches and much more.

Several tourists even visit Dubai so they can enjoy all the adventurous and thrilling experience that desert safari has stored for them. Desert safari offer morning and evening safari with a wide range of fun activities too. 

So, Dubai is surely the best vacation destination spot where one can do several things. One may even find their vacation funds dwindling when one has to pay for almost each and everything. But one does not has to spend a huge sum of their money every time they visit a fabulous place in Dubai.

Yes, there are many things which an individual can easily see without spending their money at a nominal price. Here is a list of free fun-loving things that one can surely do when they visit this amazing city.

Dubai Fountain

You can watch the amazing fountain without even paying a single penny which is located near the Dubai Mall. In its background when can easily see Burj Khalifa. It is one of the tallest fountains in Dubai. Every evening sound including light show is played here. These are some of the amazing things that an individual will cherish for a lifetime.

Malls of Dubai

There are a wide range of things that one truly enjoys during their Dubai visit. These things surely include extravagant malls in this beautiful city. With a wide range of brands and food courts, one can experience amazing theme parks here too. Several aquariums including ski parks are also present in different malls.

Dubai Aquarium

This beautiful aquarium lies within the Dubai Mall. But one has to spend money if they want to experience the fabulous underwater zoo. One can surely enjoy the huge “acrylic panel” which is at its entrance for free. It is one of the largest panels in the world and one can view it without paying any sort of additional charges. Through this blue colored panel, one can experience animals swimming inside it. It is surely one of the best experiences for many tourists so far.

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