August 13, 2022


Dubai, UAE

How long can we survive without sleep?

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Doesn’t this question sound like an exciting dare which every teenager wishes to take? Well, if you have stumbled upon this article then we know that you are the one who likes to take calculated risks or just simply wants to know the answer. Just to break the suspense: not long.

Have you ever wondered why the bedroom furniture UAE is neither too expensive nor too cheap? Well the reason is that sleep is something which everyone needs and low prices helps them in providing the comfort but because it is also a necessity which everyone likes to spend on to support their physical problems they are expensive. If you buy a spinal support mattress or a medical mattress, it is probably going to cost you more than usual. And because everyone seems to buy it, you must also be wondering is sleep really that important?

There have been records of people surviving for 11 consecutive days without sleep and while it may not be clear how much longer humans can stay awake before falling into the peaceful abyss there is no doubt in the symptoms showing up just 2-3 days after skipping sleep. You will not only start to hallucinate but psychosis can be a major effect where your nervous system breaks down. Obviously there are rare or close to no cases of people dying due to sleep deprivation but there is no saying if they would even be alive.

Taking one night off from sleep may be common more than you expect as due to our challenging routines we may be prone to it but this does not mean that there are no affects of that. You may be familiar with some of the sleep deprivation conditions that you face when you when you are up such as drowsiness, tremors, vision and hearing impairments, forgetfulness and etc. But as soon as your body crosses 36 hours of non-sleep, the conditions start to worsen. From having increased stress level and appetite to mood, everything will be altered. You will not only feel fatigued but also take risky decisions without putting much thought into it. Your words will start to slur.

For someone who isn’t inclined to this kind of sleep deprivation they may see that they will start facing involuntary sleep which can last for half a minute and these naps will leave them disorientated. Visit further details.