October 22, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Steps to take before shortlisting a fire suppression system

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Generally, it is known that  FM 200 fire suppression system is considered an integral part of a firefighting system, so you must consider it when choosing a suitable one. Your attempts at finding one must include as many options as possible. The market is full of such systems and you will likely find many that will suit your criteria. Don’t haste things up just yet and try to remain focused on two things for now. First, you should maintain your focus on purchasing a system that could provide you with excellent early fire detection capability. But, hurrying things up is not an option so you must consider other options too that may just offer a better package. In short, you must keep your options open so that you don’t end up buying one in haste. It will likely allow you to stay focused on features of the system that make it worth considering. Also, you must consider the following steps before finally deciding about narrowing your choice down to one or more systems:

Explore multiple options

A grave mistake that people so often make is that they end up shortlisting a few systems based on their peculiar requirements. while doing this makes sense, it must be noted that you don’t have to restrict your requirements to this degree. You must do all to find and buy the best system so that you don’t end up with one that may not fit properly into your criteria. Show some flexibility and be open to things that might increase your chances of having a better system.

Decide the features to consider

You don’t have to consider a long list of features anyway, which is why it is a must for you to focus on a handful of systems that may be required. Think about it – what performance do you expect from your firefighting and suppression system in the first place? Probably you would be looking for the one that may allow you fast reaction time, very little false alarm rate, and perhaps longevity? Focus on these three for now as these would suffice. In the meantime, you should continue your search for a better system in future, but that must be kept as a plan to focus on the important stuff that you wish to see in your current system. Find more about  fire equipment suppliers in UAE and explore your options.