October 22, 2021


Dubai, UAE

The Most Expensive Male Models

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Modeling is an industry which is related to fashion. There was a time when the industry of modeling was considered bad and that is why when our friends wanted to say to their parents that they want to become a model.

Their parents would bash them out and they had to become what made them money. It is a fact that many of the models that we see are struggling a lot in the fashion industry and when you hear the stories of the biggest fashion models, their stories are usually sad and full of struggles.

Everyone seems to be a model because of the social media like Facebook, Instagram and many others. Everyone seems to have a picture perfect face and everyone seems to be a photogenic person.

If you are about to open a store for online shopping for menswear or you want to open a store of sik silk shirts. And we are sure that you will want to open a store now and now you will want to get some male models for your brand as well.

And we have searched the list of the best models in the world that are said to be the most expensive models as well. and if you can afford them then keep reading and this post is best for those struggling models as well who are looking for tips and motivation as well:

  1. The first name in the list is of Armando Cabral and he is a Portugal raised model and he started as a foot wear model and now he is the face of many fashion brands.
  2. The next name is Billy Huxley and he is a kind of model that looks like a biker and he is covered in tattoos and he wears all sorts of jewelry and his natural style has made him of what he is now. Many biker companies hire him as well.
  3. The next is Cameron Dallas and he has more followers than Barack Obama. Barack Obama has 2 million followers on Instagram and he has over 20 million followers and he has worked for big fashion names like Dolce and Gabbana.

The next is David Gandy and he too has worked with the biggest name in the fashion industry like D&G and M&S and he is also famous because he made some amazing short films and gave away