February 1, 2023

Trends you need to know about smoking

2 min read

There are two kinds of cigarettes known as filtered and non-filtered. Both have tobacco inside them but the main difference is that while smoking non-filtered cigarettes you can light the cigarette from either side and also they are less strong than the filtered cigarettes. Two kinds of cigarettes are there but there are several brands of cigarettes to choose from when you start smoking or after some time if you get bored from your previous brand. To need to know how you can choose the best brand for you, you should read this:

Carry on trying: You should try different brands simultaneously if you want to know that which brand is according to your taste. For this purpose you can get the help of your local cigarette store as they will provide you a deep insight about all the brands. You can also get the help form your smoker relatives or friends in this regard.

Ingredients: Different Dubai tobacco companies use different kinds of ingredients in their cigarettes. There is a thing called leaf which will decide the intensity of the taste you get while smoking. Along with intensity their taste also differ from one another so in order to get your personal favorite, you should try different types of leaf and then pick the one which hit the most.

Be innovative: No one said that you can’t be innovative in your smoking habit. It is not necessary to stick to only one brand or one smoking style. You can change your brand after regular intervals if you feel the need to do so. It should be your choice and not of your friend’s or a family member’s.

Enjoy the variation: When you like a brand or leaf type then it is not necessary that you should be rigid about that. You can still taste different other brands or leaf types in order to enjoy the variation. You do not need to completely change your preferences instead you can have a cigarette or two from other brands once in a while just to get the feeling of change. It will also make you feel more comfortable with your existing brand because when you smoke other brands you will clearly get the idea of difference between your brand’s taste and the taste of other brands.