July 13, 2024

Causes of Yellow teeth

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Teeth fading off their color and turning into yellow is inevitable which happens over the course of time and age. But there are some remedies that can be applied and taken care of by which you can slow down this process or maybe get rid of yellowness all at once.

One of the main reasons of teeth losing its color is enamel thinning as suggested by dental clinic Abu Dhabi. When our teeth are grown, they are protected with a layer of enamel which is white in color. Over the time, this white enamel layer starts to wear off. There is a tissue inside this protective layer known as dentin which appears to be yellow in color. Over the time with fading enamel, this tissue is visible that makes the teeth look yellow or darker. It is because of continuous excessive use acidic foods that speed up the enamel wearing off process. But even if you avoid this kind of food and still wonder why your teeth appear to be yellow is because some people have naturally thin enamel and that means it is easily destructible.

Other reason of increases yellowness in the teeth is the stains. There are certain foods that leave their color behind on teeth such as coffee or red wine. This can not only stain teeth but also wear down the enamel which again flashes the yellow smile. Other than these beverages, if you are a smoker – no matter chain smoker or not – but tobacco is your daily intake then this can also cause severe problems. There are certain types of antibiotics as well which does that kind of work.

There are some teeth whitening Abu Dhabi tricks that can help you save from the loss and bring back the original shine of your teeth. First and foremost thing that we learn from the reasons of teeth turning yellow is that whatever we eat, directly affects our health. This means that if your teeth are turning yellow you need a quick switch of diet. You must eliminate those foods which stain teeth. If you are concerned about which foods to stay away in order to prevent staining then the best option is to stay away from citrus foods such as oranges and lemons. You can start by quitting smoking which won’t only save your teeth, but your life as well.

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