Mon. Sep 23rd, 2019


Dubai, UAE

What is important to live happily?

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Do happiness depend on wealth?  Or it depends on many other things? Is living is all about meeting your basic needs or does it mean something else, something different? Are survive and living synonyms of each other or do they both have different meanings?

Whatever are your views but the thing or practicality is that to survive and to live are two different terms. Survive means to have minimum fulfillment of needs to be able to breath and to live means to give enough supply of basic needs to feel the presence of the world and of yourself too. Therefore,  living includes fulfillment of basic needs and wishes as well. It also includes building up of emotional relationships with society and creation of your own mindsets and opinions that gives you satisfaction and feeling of pleasure of having something of your own which you have created by yourself.

Thus,  a happy life is a life which more than survival. It is about living and feeling the present moment. Therefore, a happy life includes so many things. Some of them are:

  1. No ego: It is needed to have less ego problems and issues. If your self-esteem is so low, then the tinniest thing will irritate you the most. That’s why, broaden your mind and try to see everything from different perspectives. It will help to see the actual meaning of anything and words spoken to you.
  2. Be honest: Remain honest. Don’t let our and doubts to come into your life otherwise it will become mess.
  3. Management of work and personal life: Manage your work life and personal life. It does not mean that don’t earn. It means that take load as much as you can handle. Don’t be too much active and fit that everything will be dependent on you. Hive yourself some time too. It will keep you fine mentally, physically and socially.
  4. Give time: Try to understand the importance of time. Give time to everyone. It will make you richer from inside and let you enjoy your life.
  5. Travel: Don’t travel at expensive places. Travel at affordable places that give you joy and inner peace.
  6. Keep on learning: carry on you learning process and studying life. It will keep you young and healthy.

So,  these are some of the things which you can do to live happily. If you can do all of this,  then you don’t need to look for citizenship by investment UAE. Learn here more about happy life and citizenship.